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Duke’s Hair Studio is located in the heart of South Dallas, Texas. South Dallas is the heartbeat and the soul of the city. Patti Shannon felt that momentum and chose to build her business there. When asked why she chose South Dallas, her response is “I could have set up my business anywhere, however, there’s a certain level excellence that’s expected from business owners here that have come from before me.”

Duke’s Hair Studio is unique, it exemplifies the appeal of urban culture and sophistication.  Patti wanted to bring a certain level style and culture to South Dallas that’s light years ahead of the city.  Urbanites are trendsetters for the rest of the city and she ambitiously wanted to lead that movement. Through ownership, certain freedoms are granted. Patti Shannon owns her building and the land around it, therefore, she controls the vibe, the spirit and a small piece of South Dallas, the jewel of the city.