5 Tips to Stay Fabulous

5. Leave all chemical service to the trained professionals. Your hair will thank you.

4.  If you must use a flat iron, manage temperature gage accordingly. Low heat is a . No exceptions.

3. Have a light moccran oil  to maintain your tresses. Depend on your style artist for instruction only.

2.Keep a hydrating shampoo and conditioner at home you never know when you make have to use it.

1. Satin scarf or pillow case is a must. WRAP YOUR HAIR!

See you soon back at Duke’s Hair Studio for another great service!

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  1. Rita Elliott says:

    These are great tips! I def dont wrap my hair but i will start. And i didnt know about the flat iron, but once you know better you do better. Thank you so much. I look forward to my first visit very soon.

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